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Google Dejanews
Google Translation
Google News
Google Directory
Open Directory Project
WWW Virtual Library
Site de l'encyclopédie Quid
GNUtemberg! Free Documentation Database
The Open Book Project
The Online Books Page
Google Scout
Google Images
Google Zeitgeist
Google Answers: Asked Questions
Google News Headlines
Google Holiday Logos - Google Demos
20 Year Archive now Available on Google Groups
US/EU Patents search
DEO - Portail recherche drivers


Cybertheses, publication et diffusion en ligne des theses
CCSD : Thèses-EN-Ligne
The Directory of Computing Science Journals
IEEE Computer Society Digital Library
SIAM Journals Online
Seminaire Reseaux et Systemes
Open Directory - Computers: Computer Science: Publications
Springer LINK: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
What's New in Springer LINK
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Subseries: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
Conference Calendar

Confs / CFP

Call for Papers, Conferences
RTS & embedded systems 03
Site de l'école d'été temps réel édition 2003
IEEE/IEE Real-Time Embedded Systems Workshop, London, 3rd December 2001.
PLDI 2002 -- Co-Located Events
RTSS 2002

Algos, complexite

A compendium of NP optimization problems
Incomplétude, Gödel, un aperçu
Home of Kazlib
Metamath Home Page
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Complexity classes P and NP
Comp.compilers: Re: Minimizing parentheses in a postfix->infix converter output
Converting Infix to Postfix
Infix to Postfix
INT2008 - Lecture 1 - Static and Dynamic Linear Data Structures
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository


FAQ Computer simu
Bibliography for Discrete Events Systems Simulation: Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis
Open Directory - Science: Software: Simulation
Doug Jones's simulation pending-event-set implementations
EUROSIM Homepage
simulation software links
Related Websites Link List
Simulation Tools
comp.simulation software archive
System and Simulation links
The Computer History Simulation Project
Recovery Policies for Real-Time Systems - Simulator
Modeling & Simulation
The Time Warp Operating System
HyPerformix Workbench [tm]
Real Time Simulator Home Page
PERTS--A Prototyping Environment for Real-Time Systems
Ptolemy Project Objectives
The Real-Time Control Systems Simulator
OMNeT++ - Object-Oriented Discrete Event Simulator
Tri-Pacific Software, Inc. - Products and Solutions - RAPID Sim Data Sheet
Symbian - Powering the heart of the wireless community
Welcome to SIGSIM, ACM Special Interest Group on Simulation
Migge: analyseur ordo

Temps Reel

WWW Virtual Library: Formal Methods - Duration Calculus
Duration Calculus: A Logical Approach to Real-Time Systems
Formal Methods for Real-Time Computing
Directory of /pub/realtime/papers reports
Giorgio Buttazzo's Major Publications
Research in Real-Time Systems at UNC
Kevin Jeffay's Home Page
John Regehr's Technical Reading
Journal of scheduling
Real-Systems Laboratory, University of Massachusetts
Sanjoy Baruah: Publications
Bibliography on real-time systems
TR a supelec
CS6235 - Introduction to Real-Time System Concepts and Implementation
Marco Caccamo's Publications
Nicolas Navet
CS-835(B1): Real-Time Systems Seminar
ACM Digital Library: Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprogramming in a Hard-Real-Time Environment
Tics Realtime Kernel Definitions
Static-Priority Periodic Scheduling on Multiprocessors - Ramamurthy, Moir (ResearchIndex)
Real-Time Systems Scheduling
Theory and Practice in Feedback Control Real-Time Scheduling
rtsys - Readling List
RT related readings
Real-Time Operating Systems
Real-Time Research Repository
RTS 2001
Real-Time Systems at the University of Maryland
The IEEE-CS TC-RTS Home Page
MRTC - Publications
Publications G. Manimaran
List of Papers Published by the Maruti Group
Publications - RTS Lab - UMass
Publications of SET.RS on Dynamic Real-Time Systems
SALSART Publications
Spring (umass)
real-time kernels: kernel
Hartstone: Synthetic Benchmark Requirements for Hard Real-Time Applications
What really happened on Mars?
Realtime Mantra: Embedded and Realtime System Design
Real Time Parallel Benchmark Suite
MaRTE OS Home Page
OSE Public Api
DROPS - More information
Fault tOlerant Real-Time Systems Publications
[RTSJ 01/2001] Call for Papers
Chimera Home Page
HARTIK Home Page
The S.Ha.R.K. Project
Dynamic Window-Constrained Scheduling
IEEE Distributed Systems Online
TU Wien - CS
Real-Time Systems Spring Documentation

Moteurs de recherche

Conference Proceedings
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
NCSTRL: UMass (Amherst)
Bibliographies CS
Computer Science Bibliography
ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute]
Recherce google NEC
Computer Society Biblio
HBP Bibliographies
Springer LINK - Search
Cora Research Paper Search

Systemes Distribues


The Globe Project - Selected Papers
The WAFT Project

Distributed Algorithms & Systems Home
The Writings of Leslie Lamport
Group Communication Projects
Publications - Leslie Lamport
Totem: Publications List
Transis Papers
The Horus Papers
Selected Amoeba Papers
Arjuna System
Phoenix (EPFL/LSE)
The Bast Framework
The Relacs Project
RMP - Reliable Multicast Protocol

Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia
IEEE Distributed Systems Online
Publications of SET.RS on Dynamic Real-Time Systems
Real-Time Computing
Selected Distributed System References


Linux (Daily) News
Kernel Traffic
Linux Developer's Network


Directory Portal Libre SW
[tunes] Reviews
[tunes] Glossary
ACM Classic of the Month
Les communautés informatiques

DVD, C+, DivX, ...

Installation de Xine
Jim Taylor's Official DVD FAQ
7th Zone - The DVD portal
DVD-ROM region patches
DVDSynth home page
DVD ripping and transcoding with Linux
Linux Divx4 Guide
DivX Digest -- DVD2Divx -- DVD+DivX Backup Resource
DivX - The Final HowTo
DeCSS for Linux and DVD
Linux Video Stream Processing Tool
The firmware page
Gallery of CSS Descramblers
What's Wrong With Content Protection
LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control
Telecommande + win32
Notes on Video Conversion
Autres Os : NagraTv...
Dekoders C+
La French Underground

Latex, (H|X|SG)ML, Wap

TeX Frequently Asked Questions
Symboles math latex
(La)TeX navigator
References for TeX and Friends
References for TeX and Friends
Search CTAN
Help On LaTeX Commands
LaTeX Fr
TeX Styles doc
Tex2pdf/Lyx2pdf Homepage
[CsM] LaTeX and TeX
Faire un index avec MakeIndex
Les fontes sous LaTeX pour les nuls (et les autres)
Getting Good PDF from LaTeX
The pdfmark primer
JPedal and WinPedal - pdf extraction decoder Access Library
The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use - PostScript
Papers about MetaPost
Syracuse - MetaPost
Exploring SGML DocBook
XML (GUTenberg)
Traduction de XML
DevShed - XML
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
Dillo Web Browser :: Screenshots
Wsmake - Website Pre-processor
WAP browser @


Linux + RT

The RED-Linux Project
LinuxFocus July 1998: RTLinux II
Real-Time Linux
Real-Time Linux Quick Ref
DLFP: Linux temps-réel : tour d'horizon

Mel: Linux VM Project
Linux 2.4.10+ VM Implementation
BCG/OSDN Kernel Mapper
Linux 2.xx Syscalls Intro
Linux & IRQ ordis recents (ACPI)
Linux CC-NUMA clusters
Linux kernel caml
Patch: initcall dependency solution.
Rik van Riel's Linux patches
Virtual servers and security contexts
ext3 for 2.4
The Linux-Kernel Archive
Preemptible Linux kernel patch
The Linux kernel preemption project
developerWorks: Linux | Wireless : Lightweight Linux, Part 1
SourceForge: Project Info - AVFS: A Virtual Filesystem
BUG checker Linux (gcc extension)
BitKeeper hosted project linux
rt_com: real-time serial port device driver
Linux bandwidth control
H323 NAT
Linux Loadable scheduler Modules (HP)
Linux Ports
GCOV Support for Linux (including dynamic modules)
CDfs v0.5
SuperLinux Encyclopedia
Concrete Architecture of the Linux Kernel
Conceptual Architecture of the Linux Kernel
Linux Kernel Internals
Debugging a LinuxThreads-based application with GDB
linux_kernel : Introduction
m e t a l a b linux archive
Making an X Terminal from a PC LG #68
Loads of Linux Links: Top
The story of the Linux kernel
rute -- Doc admin Linux
O'Reilly Network: Directory of Linux Commands [March 15, 2002]
Installation et utilisation du système de fichiers ext3
Guide d'installation et de configuration de Linux
Le Francophones-HOWTO : Linux & la langue française
Linux on the Road
IPTables tutorial
Linux pour les francophones
Guide d'installation et de configuration de Linux
Startup Linux (firewall distrib)
Debian build log
Debian Euro HOWTO
Quick Reference for Debian GNU/Linux Unofficial APT repositories
Debian: paquets non officiels
Unofficial Debian Packages
DXR3 + Xine
Linux Online - Linux Hardware Components
Les drivers connus de Léa
The Unix Hardware Buyer HOWTO
Linux Sound Archives Dec 97 Week 5: sb16 duplex patch
Linux : BTTV, Cross-compil
3dfx linux framebuffer
LINUX VooDoo: Voodoo Bansee / Voodoo3 Reference drivers..
Winmodems are not modems; Linux information page
Linux on Laptops
USB Linux Guide
Manchester NH School District: iBook Tips
Mike's Mac OS X Management Software and Tips: Automounting Sharepoints at Startup
Code Examples & Tips
OSXFAQ - Technical News and Support for Mac OS X
Creating SystemStarter Startup Item Bundles HOWTO
NetBSD/macppc Frequently Asked Questions
TuxPPC: iBookLinux Edition
PowerPC Kernel Archives
Installing Debian Linux in a Ibook2.2
Re: pmud on new (Nov 2002) iBooks
Extend the battery life of your (iBook) laptop
Installing Debian on an iBook2
IBook 2
Re: ibook2 clavier francais
Pro-Linux: Debian GNU/Linux iBook2 HowTo - Installation - The New Home of PowerPC Linux
PowerPC 750CX and 750CXe Microprocessor - IBM Microelectronics
iBook Computer: About This Developer Note
Installing Debian 3.0 onto an Apple iBook
Installation d'une Debian 3.0 sur un iBook2
GNU Linux sur Macintosh
How to run Linux on your iBook
Linux on the ibook 700Mhz
Linux drivers for Conexant Chips - Home
LinuxPPC sur PowerBook G3
dreamind's website - ikeyd
Association Gulliver
Linux-Nantes, le véritable p'tit LUG Nantais : La nouvelle botte secrète de Micro$oft
Free Code Graphing Project
Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
Penguin Liberation Front lair


Moving Window Manager and GDI into the Windows NT 4.0 Executive
MS Windows NT Kernel-mode User and GDI White Paper
Chapter 5 - Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Architecture


Dictionary of Programming Languages
Compilers - Contents
Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook
Programming in C
CTool (grammaire C)
A garbage collector for C and C++
Guide superflu de programmation en langage C
Inline Assembly with DJGPP
gcc for Win32
DJGPP documentation
Tutoriaux djgpp asm X (Codex)
STL Guide
The C++ Annotations
Thinking in C++ (html)
Thinking in C++ (home)
GNU STL - classes
GNU STL - home
GNU STL - Module Index
C++ reference: iostream library
C++ Book: Index
Jason Merrill - verbose terminate_handler
G++ internals - Table of Contents
ABI issues - stack unwinding
Stroustrup: Publications
C/C++ Users Journal Web Site
Digital Mars C, C++ and D Compilers
Ada95 Lovelace Tutorial Home Page
Hypertext Ada 95 Rationale - Contents
Javier Miranda's Ada Corner
OCaml Link Database
Developing applications with Objective Caml
Developpement d'applications avec OCaml
The Caml Hump
How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Computing and Programming
How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Computing and Programming
Scheme en DEUG
Penser en Java
The Moka Java-to-Java extensible compiler
ANTLR Website
Q - Equational Programming Language
ì la découverte de GNU Emacs
Stackless Python
Continuations And Stackless Python
C# From a Java Developer's Perspective
What's New - Eiffel
Book "on lisp" download
Emacs Wiki
Michael Elhadad - Principles of Programming Languages
late-binding semantics comparison


Numerical Recipes
Hoard: LGPL SMP malloc/free
Smartheap: SMP malloc/free
Malloc/Free Implementations
LeakTracer - trace and analyze memory leaks in C++ programs
Debugging Tools for Dynamic Storage Allocation and Memory Management
Source code
Non-Blocking Synchronization
Non-Blocking Synchronization
Fast Concurrent Queue Algorithms
An introduction to Wait-Free and Lock-Free data structures
Software Products Evaluations
IA-64 Linux Developer's Kit
MPEG 4 Structured Audio -- Developer Tools
GNU: Toutes les pages info
Books and Magazine Articles
CLOWN - CLuster Of Working Nodes
A Component Engineering Cornucopia by Gopalan Suresh Raj
Design Patterns, Pattern Languages, and Frameworks
DotGNU Project
Unicode fonts and tools for X11
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
A Brief intro to X11 Programming
Colas XFree Modeline Generator
Index of /gui/x/xlib
The Programmer's File Format Collection
Metafile Format
MatroX files
FAT32 Structure Information
Program Library HOWTO
Protected mode and operating systems
Configuration et installation de GRUB
Etherboot: Etherboot home page
Re: 2.0 and solaris 7 anyone gotten it to compile?
::: Développer des applications GNOME avec Glade et Anjuta :::
FTP Directory:

Logiciels + sources / boites LL
Annuaire des entreprises du libres
Les drivers connus de Léa
Savannah: Welcome
OpenSource Directory: Welcome to the OpenSource Directory
Je suis libre
Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux.
Cygwin + Gnome
developerWorks : Linux : Server clinic: Xmingwin for cross-generating apps
GNUWin II :: GNUWin -- <i>Open your Windows !</i>
Index of /cywgin
familiehaase download
FRAMASOFT - L'annuaire du Logiciel Libre sous Windows
The R Project for Statistical Computing
Index of /pub/mirror/
The DotGNU Project
Open source : Next Generation POSIX Threading project Web site
TRAMP User Manual
Index of /jrb/files/scrollpane
Prime Time Freeware
CIL Documentation (v. 1.0.0)
About OpenDX
VTK Home Page
GiNaC is Not a CAS
Autour du Calcul Formel Libre
GnuCap Home Page - The Gnu Circuit Analysis Package
Introduction à GnuPG

Logiciel libre, brevets, Info et libertes

association reseau d'entraide: annnonces de services gratuits benevoles
GNU/Linux : la migration des pingouins
Logiciels Libres
PNG image 127x161 pixels
FAQ sur le Logiciel Libre
Les logiciels libres (rapport DESS DCSSI)
CYBERSOURCE: Press Releases
Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?
Projet RNTL "Nouveaux modèles économiques, nouvelle économie du logiciel." - Rapport final.
Les brevets superflus en matière de logiciels
Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!
Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU GPL - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) - the virtual Linux conference
GDD : Le Libre, une nouvelle manière d'aborder la propriété intelllle
SEUL/edu Homepage
Welcome to Freeduc!!
Logiciels libres pour l'enseignement
FSFE France - Logiciels Libres et recherche scientifique
Projet RNTL / Nouvelle économie du logiciel
Observatoire des télécommunications dans la ville
Linux Magazine | June 1999 | FEATURES | The Apache Story
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
Abondance, Disette
The Halloween Documents
MTIC : Le bouquet du libre
Can you trust your computer ?
| SPARC | The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition |
UAI maillist archive: [UAI] letter of resignation from Machine
Soyez le bienvenu à - Your rights online
[LMI] Dossier brevets logiciels
Databases: Patent Grant and Patent Application Full-Text and Full-Page Images
BBA: Big Brother Awards France
Les limites de la protection technique des données numériques La directive 2001/29/CE du Parlement Européen et du Conseil du 22 mai 2001 sur l'harmonisation de certains aspects du droit d'auteur et des droits voisins dans la société de l'information
Formats ouverts : pourquoi et comment les utiliser
La société de l'information (Forum du gvt)
TCPA / Palladium FAQ
FAQ TCPA / Palladium
IRIS - Imaginons un Réseau Internet Solidaire
Fédération Informatique et Libertés
IRIS - Analyse LOPSI
IRIS - Communiqué Vote PE
IRIS - Vote des eurodéputés français sur la conservation des données
Risque de divulgation de données personnelles/confidentielles par des produits Microsoft

OS Dev

The OS Journal -
[tunes] Review of Operating Systems
Kernel prog : asm/gcc/x86/pm...
Operating Systems Project Information
Operating Systems (Software)
Operating Systems (Programming)
OS WebRing
Systems Software Research is Irrelevant
Presentation de l'ASF
The OS developers homepage: Index
Sigops OS Development resources (drivers, asm...)
Building the Intel x86 development tools for Windows
Homepage of PaX - the PAGE_EXEC flag implementation for IA-32
Alex's Programming Page
How to build your own OS
Write Your Own Operating System
LKML: rmap et shared PT
Dynamic linking refs + C++ dyn-ld optimization
Bringing SMP to Your UP Operating System
The Operating Systems Resource Center
Presentation de l'Association ACM-SIGOPS de France
XOR-Coders - Programming Information Resource Site!
The easy guide to installing Hurd on a Linux box
Jaluna - Home
BSDvault: For the Users, By the Users!
OpenBeOS Project
BRiX - Advanced Computing Environment : info
AdeOS : Adaptive Domain Environment
2K: An Operating System for the Next Millennium
Topsy -- A Teachable Operating System
The UVM Virtual Memory System Web Page
The OSLib Project --- Luca Abeni and Gerardo Lamastra
Unix System Calls Links
Mach Tutorials and Examples.
The Yoctix Project Homepage
Design Elements of the FreeBSD VM System
Index of Alternative Operating Systems: Operating Systems:Real Time:Programming:QNX
The EROS Operating System
Topsy - A Teachable Operating System
Java in Operating Systems Courses


Tarifs AAT
Tarif aAT - Grand Public (page 1)
Le Juste Prix
Masterslot : devis
Microachat Rennes
Microscope Rennes

HW (specs, simu)

WWW Computer Architecture Page
Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource
Instruction-Set Simulation and Tracing
The bintrans Dynamic Binary Translator
Valgrind, an open-source memory debugger for x86-linux
SimpleScalar Tools Home Page
BYU Trace Distribution Center
Tom's Hardware Guide Processors: Benchmark Marathon: 65 CPUs from 100 MHz to 3066 MHz - Sysmark 2002, Continued
TechSpot | OS Updates
Ars Technica: Understanding CPU Caching and Performance - Page 1 - (7/2002)
Ars Technica: Understanding Pipelining and Superscalar Execution - Page 1 - (12/2002)
Memtest86 - Memory Diagnostic Page
Brink and Abyss: Pentium 4 Performance Counter Tools
Hyper-Threading Technology
Probabilistic Worst Case Execution Time Analysis
The HAVEGE unpredictable random number generator - MUSCLE - Linux Smart Card Development
Intro PIC
Guide to ATA/ATAPI documentation
RCX Internals
Peripheral Controllers Support
8259A/82C59A-2 Programmable Interrupt Controller Q & A
A20 - a pain from the past
ACPI Specifications
UDI Reference Implementation Home Page
LEON SPARC-Compatible processor
Alcatel speedtouch -> PPTP
IBM HD : DDYS xxxxx
HDD Temperature Zone | Hard drives supporting temperature monitoring
Aztech Systems Ltd

Software Testing FAQ: Defect Tracking Tools
RennesWireless - Bienvenue sur le site de Rennes Wireless -
Formal Methods (la The page)
DataRescue Lab's Page
LAN optique a LEDs
jColibri: Le Magazine PASCALISSIME
Software Bugs - Software Glitches
Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
Logical Information Systems
GðANT's weathermap
What is XP
Pairprogramming, an extreme programming practice
Public NTP Time Servers
[uZine 2] SPIP, système de publication pour l'internet
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
Pathfinder : Why ?
The FAQ's on Wireless
Microsoft Design Gallery Live
Open Relay Database - Bienvenue à l'ORDB. - la Base de données des Relais ouverts.
Digital Needle - A Virtual Gramophone
Récursivité à gauche


Merriam-Webster OnLine
The American Heritage Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus
AltaVista: Translations
Dicovox (traduction F/E/G)
Conjugaison et grammaire du verbe
Le devoir conjugal
[DGLF] Consulter une fiche
Stéphane Barbery : Dictionnaire de rimes
Grand dictionnaire terminologique
Typographie française
Conjuguaison fr
Explications Dicosyno
le dicomoche
Vocabulaire de l'informatique et de l'internet
Tables d'équivalence : terme étranger
Le Jargon Français
BABEL: Computer Related
Acronym Finder
Terminologie Internet (fr + en)
LE SIGNET : Bienvenue
[ORA] Search Dictionary PC
traduction dans l'administration : dictionnaires et lexiques monolingues
traduction dans l'administration : ressources
Dicos francais
FREELANG traduction - dictionnaires - langues
[DGLF] Dicos par catégorie
Liens utiles langue francaise
Plein de liens vers des dicos
Debian francophone
Dicos non-classés


Cours de compilation
CSCE 990 Real-Time Systems Spring 2002 Lectures
MIT OpenCourseWare | Home
Steve Goddard
Systemes Informatiques B
Analyse Numérique
Proba stats
Conservatoire Numérique des Arts et Métiers
Systemes et applications repartis
Queueing theory
Cours methodes formelles

Maths / Sciences

Ass. Fr. Sciences et Technologies de l'Information
Centre for Quantum Computation - Home Page
AKS algo
Petite Chronologie des Mathématiques
Fabrice Bellard's PI page
Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (Look-Up)
The CECM Pi Pages
Les.Mathé - Cours de mathématiques universitaires
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
MathSoft Unsolved Problems
MathSoft Constants
Inverse Symbolic Calculator
Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden section and the Golden String
Fibonacci Number -- from MathWorld
Continued Fractions - An introduction
La méthode des éléments finis.
"Blagues" maths
&quot;Recognizing Numerical Constants&quot;
sci.engr.* FAQ on PID Controller Tuning
Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST
Berkeley Lab Research Review Fall 2001: Beyond Alchemy & The Wright Bros.



Le Guide de la Radio
The BOFH-style Excuse Server
WTO | World Trade Organization: WTO / GATT
Index of /
Index of /wwwslimo/connerie
Agenda Rennes
Sauvegarde de la Galette Saucisse Bretonne
Monty Python Sketches : le site
We're back ...
Juliette - Un ragga abscons - Le dictionnaire fantaisiste
NICOLAS JULES, MP3 , dates de concerts, photos, CD ...
Choral Public Domain Library :: If you love something, set it free
Mozart - Requiem
Requiem Structure and Lyrics
Fleurnet - Zik Zone - Lofofora - Peuh !
C'est Lenoir - Playlists
The &quot;Fill me up&quot; Linux Kernel &quot;Motherfucker&quot; Fomps
Le Débilitron : Soyez les acras de morue dans le pin's
Morse Code Translator
Poke the Penguin
Andy's anagram solver
The Brunching Shuttlecocks | C.Y.B.O.R.G.
Project Blinkenlights: Arcade Home
Liste des députés par département
(ludo @ type-z | discussions)
L'annuaire du mail gratuit []
L'annuaire des sites utiles pour hebergement web [L'éditeur JavaScript]
Désaffection des étudiants pour les études scientifiques
CIA - The World Factbook
Welcome to The Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Cinemaniacs Beaulieu - Cartes, Plans d'acces et itineraires partout dans le monde
Guide routier
[jwz] bookmarks: Generated Texts
[jwz] DadaDodo
Microsoft Design Gallery Live
pages jaunes
Autres annuaires
Bienvenue sur 'Mmmmm !'
Farinex - Trous dans le pain
Universal Currency Converter
Météo Rennes [Météo France]
Météo Rennes [Weathernews]
Météo (France entière)
Levers et couchers des astres
SBG - Sobre & de bon goût
Fichiers des renseignements généraux
CEDEFOP: The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training - Cedefop in Brief
Les méthodes d'oppression selon Orwell dans 1984

LWN: Porting device drivers to the 2.5 kernel
The non-patent side of software patents - Slide list
CDS, Strasbourg
« Les logiciels Microsoft représentent 25% du prix de l'ordinateur »
Support aux développements logiciels : Infos développeurs
Librétudes [Accueil]
The List Janvier 2003 Archive by date
L4Ka - The L4 microkernel family and friends
AnandTech: AMD Opteron Coverage - Part 1: Intro to Opteron/K8 Architecture
SideNews - Admin
ABUL -- Brevets logiciels
gdb Crash Course
Origami & Math
Cours de C
Académie de rennes-Recrutement ATER
Actualités UP13
Recrutement des ATER
Recrutement ATER 2003
TuxMobil: UniX Laptop Survey
Open POSIX Test Suite
Linux on Laptops
AbulEdu, Solution logicielle libre pour l'école - S'informer
Institut Galilee
Inter Lug Ouest
C++ dicompilation
Ardis: HFS+
Erreur : document inexistant
Savannah: Project Info - Linux Kernel for laptops
Survol d'UML
hypersrc - a freeware source code browser
Sun Microsystems France - Sun recrute
Files for Hurd on PowerPC with OSF Mach
Annuaire des professionnels du logiciel libre
L'Expérience Démocratique : le site provisoire
ecos/packages/kernel/current/src/sync/cnt_sem.cxx - view - 1.7
FreeBSD SMP Project
The origin of CAR and CDR in LISP
MacNN | News: Apple bumps iBook line, lowers prices
Extended Desktop
TWiki . Riha . WebHome
The Demo Effects Collection
Emacs reference materials
A closer look at the Linux O(1) scheduler
g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs
"Ghost"ing your machine - Linux StepByStep
développement & relations industrielles
La transtec AG - Compendium - Compendium Content
The Function Pointer Tutorials - Index
[Biblio du Libre]
Public Library of Science
The K42 Project
NIST / SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook
Nonlinear Autoregressive Models and Fingerprints
Mariage Véro/Faby - 9/08/03


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